E Governance portal – E Governance Portal – Check diploma results – E Governance Portal – Check diploma results IP is published for TNDTE result for every time. This IP will publish results for all schemes like an I, J, K, L and M scheme. So candidates who are checking results via this 112.133 Tndte IP. Maybe this time TNDTE is publish result on December End week. But we can’t expect this one. Because sometimes they will take more time to correcting the theory and practical papers.

In such case, Intradote site is working for all time. In addition DOTE will publish Tndte result Oct 2017 on this Tndte IP. IP TNDTE Result Updates October 2017

Board   : TN DOTE

Place    : Chennai, tamilnadu

Result   : December 27th, 2017

official  : Intradote.co.in

Now this Tamil Nadu Government Of Technical Education is giving good educations institutions. Here two lakhs and above students are still studying TNDTE, Tamil nadu. They are providing good education only like a English and tamil. 

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