Anna University Grace Marks ECE, Mech, EEE, Civil, CSE, IT, Agriculture, Manufacture and all Dept.

 April May June 2018 grace marks Details

Anna university grace marks 2018 Nov dec Jan exam has been declared. As per the anna university grace mark report for may june 2017.The following subjects only grace marks awarded. The marks will be awarded for who all are attend the question.

Anna University Grace marks – Why Anna University Award Grace marks ?

Due to some typical mistakes and wrong questions and deleted syllabus questions only eligible to get grace marks.


When Grace Marks Awarded:

  • If, the question from out of syllabus
  • The question had any mistakes (typical mistakes)
  • If, the Mathematical question with no answer
  • The question framing errors


Anna University 2nd 4th 6th semester results 2017  Without DOB

Anna university grace mark May/June 2017 exams for B.E( Civil, Ece, EEE, Mech, CSE), B.Tech ( IT) Students. Grace Mark for May June 2017 subjects and the Marks are updated following .

Anna University Nov Dec grace marks are uploading few days on this web portal.

Yes, The Coe1.anna univ grace marks 2017 reports are ready to publish at time2school.in server. 


If students are not attending the question, COE will not provide grace marks for you. Then add some explanations about the questions is must. Let we will see what are the questions are awarded in grace marks for this time.

  1. MA2261 – Probability and Random Process (PRP)
  2. Transform and Partial Differential Equation (TPDE) (Common to all branches)
  3. Circuit Theory (CT) (Common to all branches)
  4. EC6502 – Digital Signal processing
Coe1 anna univ Grace Marks 2017 for Nov Dec
  1. MA2261 (PRP)  – 4 Marks
  2. TPDE                 – 8 Marks
  3. Circuit Theory   – No
  4. EC6502              – 4 Marks
  5. LIC                    – No
  6. EG                     – If reasonable (15 Marks) – Regulation 2013 and Regulation 2008
  7. CS6401             – Five marks 11.B
  8. CE6451             – 4 Marks 13(a)(If attended) 
  9. ME6301            – 4 Marks

If students can expect your subject grace marks details, Please comment with us. We will consult and update grace marks instantly.

Anna University grace marks 1st 3rd 5th 7th Semester Grace marks

This time a more number of students are asking grace marks for Nov Dec 2017 Examinations. Some reasons for grace marks should be awarded in November December 2017 examinations.

  • Out of Syllabus
  • Clear data missing
  • Printing mistake
  • Question Number is wrong

If the students can attend and then give marks for COE. And also they will write about descriptions for the questions. Some of students should attend and enter question number only. The COE will not give grace marks these reasons. Students please write some paragraphs about the questions.


The question number and its details are uploading soon on their time2school.in. So all students should be visit daily on time 2 school.

If students who are know any grace marks Or expecting please feel to comment. What subjects grace marks are expecting this time. Please comment on below.

Anna University May June Grace Marks 2017 details are shown in given below:

Subject Code: EC6402     |     Subject Name : Communication Theory

Q.No 7              – Marks will be awarded  (2Marks)

Q.No 8              – If wrote pre emphasis & de emphasis   (2Marks)

Q.No(13)(a)(i)   – Autocorrelation computed with any condition (6Marks)

Q.No(13)(a)(ii)  – 7 marks if cross correlation explained (7Marks)

Q.No(13)(b)(i)   –  If condition for WSS explained (6Marks)

Q.No(13)(b)(ii)  – Explanation of PSD is given( 7 Marks)

Q.No(15)(b)(i)   – If solved any assumption (7 marks)

Q.No(15)(b)(ii)  – If solved partially ( 6 Marks)

Q.No(16)(a)      – If attended (15 marks)

Subject code : MA6452   |   Subject Name : Statistics and Numerical Methods
Total Grace Marks : 05

1. 12(a) & 12(b)  for this Question(16 Marks) will award if attended the questions

2. 12(a)(i) correct to 2 decimal places,  (10 Marks) will be awarded

3. 14(b)(i) Award  (9 Mark )if written Trapezoidal and simpson’s 1/3 rule, no comparison required

4. Subject Code : MA6451    |     Subject Name : Probability and Random Processes

5. Q 1 :  if attended reasonably  (2 Marks)

6. Q 10 : if attended (2 Marks)

7. 11(b)(i) : if attended (8 Marks)

8. 12(a)(ii) : awarded if attended correlation coefficient (or) Regression Completed (8 Marks)

15(a)(ii) :  if attended (8 Marks). Go to www.annauniv.edu

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  1. Dharani

    Grace marks for OOPS AND D’S
    EC6301 for PART B 14 b

    Krushkal and prim algorithm

  2. admin

    No for this time. Stay tune http://time2school.in

  3. Sivasubramani

    Grace marks for CE6451-Fluid mechanics&machinery andME6302-Manufacturing technology-1

  4. Dinesh

    ME6505 – dynamics of machines… Part-c 16.b total length is wrong……
    ME6502- Heat and Mass transfer…. Part-b 11.b unit is wrong…….

  5. Mohan

    Is there any grace marks for fluid mechanics and machinery 16a question ce6451 and me6301 paper 13a

  6. Mohan

    any grace marks for TPDE

  7. Gaja

    Is there any grace marks for ma6351 TPDE novdec2017

  8. Gaja

    when will annauniversity publish grace marks officially ? Please reply

  9. Deepakram

    ME6701 Powerplant Engineering; Qpaper code – 50886; Question 11 a) is not clear. Also it’s not possible to compute 11 a) (iii).

  10. Emmanuel

    Any grace marks Graph Theory

  11. Vamsi

    Please upload for graph theory and resource management techniques

  12. Kaleesh

    Please upload for the ME6503 – Design Of Machine Elements………

    • admin

      Yes we are updated soon on their portal. Please give your register number and Date of Birth in comment box. If the result is updated, We will update your results instantly here. URL is Result Page

  13. Jerli

    Any grace marks for mechanics of solids

  14. chinna durai

    Any grace mark in fluid mechanics and machinery CE6451

    • admin

      Yes chinna, 4 marks available in CE6451 paper
      If the question is attend.

  15. Divakar

    You have mentioned 8grace marks for TPDE. May I know for which question you gave 8marks

    • admin

      Yes TPDE had getting 8 grace marks this time. This is only for Regulation 2008 candidates. I’m not mentioned on their portal. Sorry …divakar. Check TIME 2 SCHOOL

  16. Gajendiran

    Can I know which are all the subjects getting grace marks this time for mechanical engineering 3rd semester reg2013?please mention the subject names

  17. admin

    MA6351 subject and CE6451.
    EC6301 – 14 b (out of syllabus) – But not given grace marks this subject. Stay tune Time 2 School

  18. Pavi

    Is there any grace marks for 5th semester EEE

  19. Raja

    Then ME6301 for regulation 2013 doesn’t have any grace marks?

  20. rupesh

    me6503 design of machine elements is there any grace mark for this paper…
    qn.no:- 14) a) given size of weld in question is 100 and given picture they mentioned 10..
    what should be we take that values..
    any grace marks for that questions…??

  21. raghu

    is there grace mark for ec6401 ec-2

  22. Radhika

    Eg any Grace mark in regulations 2013

  23. Elias

    Is there any grace marks for ece 3rd sem??

  24. Charan

    Is there any grace marks for ece 3rd sem??

  25. Mohan

    pls update anything new on grace marks for Nov Dec 2017

  26. revathy

    Is there any grace mark for discrete mathematics MA6566??

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